Low Carbohydrate Lovers section (Served for breakfast or lunch)

Low Carbohydrate Lovers section Served for Breakfast or Lunch  
Pete’s Meat Grinders Omelet (this one is big!) All meats omelet (no chicken) all four cheeses – Choice of 1 side
3 eggs, 2 burger patties, mushrooms, grilled onions, Swiss cheese – Choice of 1 side
Rita’s 2 bacon, 2 link, 2 ham, 3 eggs – Choice of 1 side
Rib Eye steak with a large garden salad or 2 sides
Gary’s Large Burger Patty, Ortega chilies, spicy pepper jack cheese with 2 pieces of bacon – Choice of 1 side
Wanda’s chicken apple sausage with a large garden salad or 2 sides
Phyllis’ Skinless chicken breast with a large garden salad or 2 sides
John’s Veggie Skillet – with fresh zucchini, squash, mushrooms, tomato, onions, broccoli with pepper jack cheese
mixed with scrambled eggs
Side Orders Include: Fresh Veggies Cottage Cheese ( 2 Carbs ) Sliced Tomatoes Cheese Slices Small Garden Salad ( Ranch dressing 1 carb) 2 Bacon Slices 2 Sausage Links Sliced Hard Boiled Egg Fresh Fruit (seasonal) Hash Browns or Homefries

*All splits and extra plates