Rocklin’s Favorites

Rocklin’s Favorites
Served with home fried potatoes with onions and cheese, or fresh shredded hash Browns, or grits, or tomatoes, or cottage cheese, or yogurt, and choice of toast or homemade Biscuit.

Add our sausage gravy to biscuit or potatoes Egg Beaters For Omelets

Brian’s 4 strips of bacon, sausage patty or links, And 2 eggs
Dave’s egg plate, 2 eggs
Gene’s country ham, 2 egg
Chris’ low-fat chicken apple sausage, 2 eggs
Rich’s country fried steak with gravy, 2 egg (not deep fried)
Esther’s Kielbasa, 2 eggs
Ron’s Linguica, 2 eggs
Hollywood Doug’s Diced ham scramble
Barry’s ground beef patty, cooked your way, 2 eggs
Willy’s Rib-Eye steak, 2 eggs
Grandma’s Biscuits With Sausage Gravy
Mom’s 1/2 Order
Jessie’s Home fried Potatoes with onions and cheese & covered in gravy.